Sunday, January 20, 2013

Memorable Interview

January 20, 2013

Well it sounds like your week was pretty much about Thomas and Jake. That's so crazy that he is gone and Thomas is home. I remember dropping Thomas off like it was yesterday. I do have an American member here is has been updating me on the sports world. We met with him and his family last night and we had a long talk about all that stuff haha.

You were right, its hard coming to this area, replacing a complete dead good-for-nothing missionary and hearing about everyone go home. That was one of the specific things I talked about with President Baird in my interview. I asked him about that and also about figuring out a job. Both of those have been weighing on my mind lately. I thought the job would come to me as I came out here on the mission, but it hasn't. And I have felt a little cheated coming to this area and everything. We had a way good talk that helped change my image of being here and gave me a more effective way to figure out a job. It was way good. It really helped me in multiple ways though.

So after that, we did the king challenge as a zone. Remember when I was with Hollister and ate all that meat and rice in a bowl? Well we did it together and it was way funny. I finished 3rd or 4th. Ashcroft is my zone leader so it was fun being with him too.

Good news, remember Kan kun? the one I baptized in Kasugai and Dad met his mom? Well he just got his mission call to Sendai and he leaves in March! I'm so excited for him! So awesome.

We have been doing this special lesson by watching the first vision video and sharing a simple testimony. We did it with three families this week and a lot of less actives were involved too. They were all great experiences. I could really feel the Spirit leading my testimony every time. Our main purpose is to lead people to start helping us and to help strengthen their testimonies. Really good so far and we have three more scheduled for this week!

So this week was filled with stuff. Usual stuff. Question, do you have like a proposed schedule when you come get me? I'd appreciate it if you could make at least a proposed one. I love you all and thanks for everything! Send me Jake's email and address if you can.

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