Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baptismal Interview

Dear My Beloved "Something-is-wrong-with-you" family,

That's way cool that Thomas got to go see Jake at the MTC. They both are looking so good. Send my love and wishes to that family. I remember the one Jake is friends with but I don't think I ever met the younger one or even the mom. Send my love though. Hey, stop spending money you are supposed to be spending on me! Are you keeping those couches though? I could use some furniture at my apartment at BYU haha. And that Super Bowl is gonna be way awesome! It's like the first time in years its actually two teams I like! I'm pretty sad I'm missing it too.

Two quick things: my permanent retainer on the top teeth fell off like a month ago and I think my teeth are starting to move :s  Iv'e started to wear my other retainer even during the day. And the other thing, I was thinking if we could, go to Kasugai for the first church since we will already be in Nagoya. Just a thought.

Well this week was tough...we had at least one appointment, sometimes more, cancelled everyday this week. We had a lot of time we didn't know what to do with. We just tried a lot of housing and stuff and just had no luck this week. We had this way cool new guy come to Eikaiwa (English Class) who lived in England for a year and wants private English and Spanish lessons and he says he has some interest in our lessons! Weeeee! Finally, I little ray of light.

To top it off, the weather was awful this week. It rained so hard Tuesday through Thursday. The wind was very hard throughout the week too. It started to snow super hard on Friday. We tried to visit these far members and had to stop every 30 minutes to stop and try to avoid the weather. And we could only see like three feet in front of us.

Some fun stuff, all my shirts fit de Oliveira better and his fit mine better, so we traded all of them. And then after a lot of things, I went to Kanazawa to do baptismal interviews for Nanao. It was a way special experience. They had a misunderstanding about one of the commandments and the first interview went really long and I told her she had to wait. Then she talked about it with her boyfriend and recommitted on things. So I finished the interview, did his and it was amazing. They both had way simple and sweet testimonies. He told me that he had a dream where he saw God and He told him to read the Bible. Way cool stuff. It was a way cool experience for me. It got done after like three hours, so we stayed in Kanazawa for the night!

So this week, had a special moment, with mostly the hard moments. But I guess that's what missionary work is! I love all of you and thanks for everything!

Act a fool, Elder Parry

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