Sunday, February 10, 2013

Busy Sunday

February 10, 2013


Well we had transfer calls and nothing is changing here. Actually Takayama is going to be an elder area and dinkel is going there...and tha'ts my district.  But it sounds like you guys had crazy. Are the dogs doing ok? I'm glad that Thomas and Louie get to spend time with each other. And I hope the football works out for them.

Well we had one of our best weeks since I got here to Takaoka. We had a lot of lessons and met with a lot of people. On Tuesday, we were supposed to go on an exchange and it didn't happen. So, we just tried to have a fun day and ended up meeting a bunch of people. We both came home and were happy with how we did.

We had a zone conference this week that was way awesome. We talked about the addiction recovery program that we have been working on. I had to translate for most of it and got way tired. President Baird is an inspired man but he loves to use words that I don't understand in English and gets way too deep into a lot of doctrine. But it was a really good and helpful for myself. Lately President has been helping us with things on how to improve and help ourselves so that we can help others better. It has really helped me as I come up on the end of the mission.

I did an exchange with Elder Petersen in Toyama and had a way fun time. He kept forgetting things and messing up on things. It made it a very entertaining for us.

We had a crazy day at church. taught the plan of salvation and a message on the spot for the last two hours. And I gave a talk that wasn't the greatest. But we had five lessons in church and a bunch of people came. It was crazy. I was so tired when I left church.

Well, I have 16 weeks left, crazy. Time is comin and just keeps flyin. I love you guys a ton and thanks for all your love and prayers!

the elder parry

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