Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bad Weather

February 24, 2013

Hey wait a second, why is Grandma doing chemotherapy? I feel like this is big news that somehow never made it my way. Is she gonna be alright? What's wrong with her?

Well yes, February is the snowiest time of the year here in Takaoka, and it seems to be the slowest time for the work too. No one is out and no one will let us in to talk to them because it is too snowy, windy, and cold. Even our investigators seem to have the same attitude. Kind of slow right now with the work.

We had a crazy Tuesday, Elder de Oliveira lost his money card, so we rode around town looking for it. Then we both sent packages off and the post office messed up on the receipts and all that post office crap several times and we had to go back there 3-4 times while we rode around looking for the card haha.

It has just been straight blizzard here all week. Can't see more than five feet in front of you and it has caused a series of new punks and drama for my wonderful "Blue Steel" (the bike). I'm gonna make that bike last for another three months then it will not be my problem haha. It's actually in very good shape. Better than most of the missionaries--even younger ones.

We did an exchange this week and I went to Toyama. It turned out to be a very good one. We got some good work done in both areas. I talked a lot with the Toyama elder, who is my District Leader. He asked me what I have learned from the mission the most. It was weird for me to think about it because I am finally old enough for a younger missionary to ask me that question. I told him three things: myself, God's will, and God's time. It really gave me some motivation to end really strong and be able to go out on top (like my man Ray Lewis woot woot).

We helped some Brazilians in the ward move apartments. It was pretty fun, it's always fun being with all of them even though I don't understand a lot. I can pick up what they are talking about, but nothing in particular. We had a crazy day at church. A solid potential came and started going off and saying Japanese people are "big poops" and that Satan doesn't exist and it's just people. The Bible is a "word of crap" and on and on and on. It was crazy. Not really a strong potential investigator anymore haha. We did do a Missionary Fireside after church. It went alright. Not a lot of people came and I wasn't feeling it with the Japanese haha.

Well, this week was cold, wet, and fast. I have a couple favors: if you can, teeth whitener and a Yankees baseball like the ones we got from stadiums. and last, could you send me some simple, healthy breakfast ideas? Never know what to do to start my day right.

Love you like a fat kid loves chocolate!

Elder Parry

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