Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Visit to Takayama

This is a picture of Elder Parry at the church building in Takayama.  Takayama was Craig's first area when he was on his mission.  We think they are using the same building all these years later.   Takayama is a beautiful city high in the mountains.
February 17, 2013


Sorry so late today. We went to Toyama and went to a dinosaur museum and planetarium with the elders over there. It was pretty fun, but it is super rainy and cold right now. Makes things a little bit miserable.

So, speaking of cold, it had snowed way way hard this whole week. It was so miserable. I tried to get back to the apartment by 7:30 because it just got too cold and we couldn't even see three feet in front of us biking in the middle of the day. It was crazy.

So I had some unlucky, funny moments this week. We played pictionary in Eikaiwa and this lady thought I wrote "chikan" instead of "chan". Chikan means groper or pervert. So she drew a very awkward looking picture that got me super worried. Then we were housing and the Brazilian food from the night before was doing me wrong, so I ran to the closest convenience store. As I was using the bathroom, a lady opened my door and walked in. Man, I didnt know japanese peoples' eyes could get that big! Haha it was super funny. Pretty embarrassing though. Went back to housing and a bunch of doors said, "to any other religions, don't piss me off" in Portuguese. So we weren't really welcomed there haha.

Guess where we went on Friday? Takayama! Went down there for our first DTM. It was way fun, two trains of three hours and we were stuck there for five hours cuz we missed our train. So we had a snowball fight, ate out, and went to a close ashiyu. It was so fun. The church is in like an old house. It was pretty funny being there and I was so happy.

Well, Sunday was lower key finally.  We found a new investigator and found a solid black potential investigator! Things are good though. I love you all so much and thanks for everything! Today is Jake's birthday! WOOOO

Love the Boob

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