Sunday, April 7, 2013


April 7, 2013

Nothin' like some ball games eh? Well first off, Elder Hollister is engaged and is transferring to BYU haha. He gets married on August 24, in the Denver Temple. I am going for sure!

Things went pretty well this week. Not too many stand-out moments, except I lost my wallet in the other area and went back and looked for it all day and had no luck. Which reminds me, Dad, you should probably cancel that credit card. So that was kind of a hurt to the week. I guess I can just laugh about it now.  It's awesome that I have come to the point on my mission with all the crazy unexpected things that happen I can just laugh them off and feel a lot better about the whole situation and myself haha.

So we had a really special lesson this week with a less active. Her name is Terai. No one ever met her before I came, so I wanted to make a special effort and meet her once a week and it has been going really well. She told us about all her troubles in the home. Her two kids have a pretty bad head sickness that's to the point of them trying to hurt themselves all the time. We shared a message of love and just tried to comfort her. Then I gave her a little notebook and asked her to write down her blessings from that day every night before she went to sleep. She started crying and said that was the most special gift she had ever received. She also prayed at the end for the first time. To top things off, she and two other less actives I have worked with came to church! So good.

Brazilians...never a dull week with them. We had a big dinner with a bunch on them last week. But I have a feeling that we are witnessing the beginning of the end of Brazilians here in Takaoka. Two of my favorite families took jobs back in Brazil and will leave in July, then with them gone, I'm sure Arisawa will move to Tokyo and stay there for good. That would pretty much end the reign of the Brazilians. Expect the unexpected.

Other than that stuff, not too much happened. We met my favorite three investigators Anderrise (Its Anderson, Louise, and Sherri all mixed in. It saves me time typing and saying the mixed name we made up haha). I love them so much. They really mean it when you can help people more when you are friends first, then teach.

Life is good, God is good.


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