Sunday, March 31, 2013


HEY!  Sorry I wasn't able to email for a long time last week. We got super busy and only had like 20 minutes. I'll explain what we did later in the email. But first I have some news....I'm getting emergency transferred to the Honbu (Mission Home) to take the place of one of the senior couples. Crazy huh?! I head out tonight. I just wanted to let you know. I guess I will die in the Honbu.

My leg is doin fine. I'm back to biking around and exercising every morning. The bruise is still pretty big, but the gash is going away. My knee is fine too, I will wear a brace for probably the rest of my mission just to keep it safe and in prime condition when I get home.

So last Monday, we went to Toyama and played tennis with them then did an exchange. It was pretty fun. We all just had a bunch of fun together. Then the next day, we found a mattress behind the dumpster. So we put it on top of our bikes and walked it back to our apartment hahaha. I loved this companionship.

We had an interesting week overall. We did an Easter egg hunt at Eikaiwa (English Class)  with the stuff you sent. No one was home who we tried to visit til Sunday night where we met like five people in a row to give them eggs we decorated. Also with stuff you sent haha.

The story of the week, we moved a members apartment. She started on the 4th floor and moved to a 3rd floor apartment hahaha. She had about as much stuff as Dennis had when he died. It took seven hours just to get the bagged stuff and furniture down and up to the next apartment. We didn't do any unpacking. It was crazy. Really good workout though.

Well, I just wanna end with a special experience. We helped the Bishop home teach on Friday to the Tonami family. We shared some experiences and the father told us he just thought how proud our parents are of us and wanted to thank us and you guys for all you do. He went on and on thanking us and just showing a ton of appreciation. Kudos.
PS from Becky:  The transfer to the honbu was a little April Fool's joke.  We will all be very surprised if Elder Parry doesn't "die" in Takaoka. 

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