Monday, April 29, 2013

Travel Papers?!

April 29, 2013

So sorry this email is coming a day late! We had our ward BBQ yesterday and it took up the whole day and we didn't have time to email after. So you can enjoy this email while you watch a little Monday Night Football (?not football season Evan).

So ya those presents sound pretty good! Maybe even some American candy. People love that here. And you can just put together a few more little presents and I can give them to people I end up seeing. All sounds good to me. And I wasn't kidding about the Barneys, she got cancer and she is already home.

Glad to hear everything is great at home! We had a good week and nothing stood out too much actually....we did get two new investigators. Both where member referrals. One is a 9-year-old boy and the other is an older woman. Our lessons with them went really well. We have plans to meet both of them this week again.

We did district meeting in Takayama which hurt pretty bad. We didn't even have enough money to make it back. We have been struggling with money this past month going in and out of little money and none. But as of this morning we have money and looking good! We actually did DTM in the ashiyu, haha it was way fun!

We had stake conference in Kanazawa. Got to go to both of Dad's areas this week. Pretty good stuff! It was so hot and the mike was so low I couldn't hear or even pay attention to any of the speakers. But I saw a ton of people that are awesome and had a good time anyway. The Bishop drove us and took us to the beach before. I love the members here!

It's all good here. I can't believe I get my travel plans this week. Month from Saturday. Kind of creeped up on me like everything else in life.

Much love, boob

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