Sunday, October 23, 2011

Love For the People of Japan


Actually, all my shirts poof out the sides and I have a major mushroom shirt. Haha that's OK though.  Couple quick things though, can you send me Blake and Bradley`s address?  It's great that everyone is sending Dear Elders from Dad's account, except I know no one's return address. Could you also send a copy of my mission call? And Dad, two things: The Itos have time October 27 from 4-6 and they really want to meet. They said they`d call when they got there. They're staying at the Courtyard.  I think a run to Temple Square would be good for both of them.  He didn't get baptized.  And I met a Kumiku Ide and a Tooru Ide. She said she served with you and he said he knew you. They both recognized the name but not me, they said I am MUCH bigger haha. They seemed to love you a lot and she said to find her on Facebook and come back to Japan.  He also told me you said we were related to the Admiral Perry....are we?

So I absolutely love the people of  Japan.  I never thought I would.  I really do, they are all so different, but look the same pretty much haha.  They are so humble and generous, I love them.  I was able to really have a growing experience this week.  We watched the testaments on p-day.  The whole time I had this feeling like `Christ did heal the sick and blind` then when He healed Helam at the end and they were so happy with tears and I shed some.  I know Christ lived.  He died for us.  My faith and testimony have grown so much, little by little, that's the mission.

So we taught Nakamura Kyodai the Law of Tithing and his baptism is on Sunday!!!  But we asked Ina Kyodai to explain it. So this was his example, `Tithing is like pooping, if you hold it all in, you`ll explode! So when you eat food, you need to poop out a little bit.  If you keep pooping, the Lord will bless you with more food.`  Hahaha that was so funny. That's the best explanation of tithing ever.

We had a less active take us to the Marriot Sky Lounge of the Marriott in dowtown Nagoya.  It was so good we just went crazy and got so much food!  We had a view of everything too. I can officially say that I have seen the Nagoya castle haha.  I took some pictures that I will send you.  His wife is an investigator, but he says she is too stupid to learn anything, so that's a shame.

We got another baptismal date!  It's on November 6! He is a Chinese guy we found on the street, Tan San.  We taught him the whole first lesson and committed to him and he was like, "of course"! Yesterday at church, I had to go teach him all by myself and I was able to give him a 45 minute lesson on the commandments, it was crazy.  The Spirit was so strong and I loved it! This is great! We are so blessed to be a part of this gospel! Let's go find some more of Christ`s children and bring them back!

Elder Parry

p.s. Jake, I love you. I love you too Sam Isaac and Caroline, but Jake, hang in there.  You have a great attitude on life.  Better than I did.  You are blessed for that. I kind of had a breakdown this week realizing I might not see you for like 3 years

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