Sunday, October 9, 2011

Melon Pan

So we have to go to this thing at Gokiso today and that's why we are emailing early and I'll only be on for like 30 minutes.  I'll be back on tomorrow and I can email more.  So I'll quickly say a few things.  I got my first haircut in Japan. It took 45 minutes and doesn't look any different. I've decided that I'm going to bring home a futon with me.
One of our investigators with a baptismal date is having trouble quitting smoking.  So we told him that I would eat melon pan and Elder Hollister wouldn't eat peanut butter 'til he got baptized.  Man has that been hard haha I love melon pan. 

We had interviews this week with president Baird.  It was so awesome.  They take on average of like 6 minutes and he spits out the best advice.  I told him I was having trouble not thinking about home.  He said it's natural to have feelings, people and places from home you long for.  He then said I need to squeeze everything I can get out of it because I will have those same feelings for Japan when I go home.  I love President Baird.  He is truly led and called of God.

We had yakiniku with the Shinodas, they had us eat cow tongue haha. She said Dad doesn't eat it haha I thought that was funny.  They were really nice to us.  That night was awful because we had two dinners and the second house infested their food with carrots. I told them I had an allergy so the dad told me to pick them out. It was like cooked in, I couldn't pick them out.  It was miserable.

We went as a district and took puricura pictures! Haha they were so funny and ridiculous, it's like a teenager girl photo booth.  But it was fun to go and mess around and have some fun.
So I figured out conference is amazing when you listen and watch all the sessions.  My favorite talk was Elder Cook's.  Elder Holland and Elder Eyring in priesthood were way good too.  So tell Jeff May that when you guys say your favorite talk.  I was able to receive a lot of answers and I am truly blessed.

Tell Keith and Malena I say hi! I have had shabu shabu, we used dad's money haha. I think either me or Elder Hollister will get transferred this next transfer. Most likely him, he's been in Kasugai since the earthquake.  We will see. We have a baptism on the 30th for Nakamura Kyodai.

For the J-mission yesterday, we were promoting missions. There were only 10 missionaries there and Elder Ellsworth and Elder Ashcroft were two of them! Tt was awesome to see them.  We got split up into districts and companionships. I got paired up with two nihongin who didn't speak English, go figure, it was so hard.  After doing some role plays and listening to presentations, we went out and did housing and streeting for 3 and a half hours. That was long...but we made it. yesterday was a Japanese confidence killer haha but oh well, it'll come!
Elder Parry

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