Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ping-Pong Champion

Sounds like an exciting week of sports! I'm so glad things are working out for Jake. Even though I grew a lot and learned a lot, I still wish I could`ve played a little. It's so fun to hear about everything.

This week didn't have too much going on.  We helped this member of the Fukutoku ward named Hall Kyodai clean up his car yard from the floods.  He is from Canada and served in the Utah South Mission.  He loved it, he was so awesome and we did service in his yard for about seven hours.  He was way nice and hooked us up with a few people to contact.

We had shabu shabu again, it was as amazing as ever.  Right after our district meeting, we didn't have two of the elders show up, so we decided to go haha. Could you do me a favor and get me Matt and Ryan's addresses? Thanks for the package! And the newsletters! I was really happy to receive both of them. Looking at the pictures it looks like it was a lot of fun and things are going great. Isaac already looks bigger.

We went to a matsuri on Saturday and also had a ping pong activity. I won every game easily. I felt kind of bad. I tried to lose sometimes and still won haha. One of the members was giving me crap for the Yankees losing and I couldn't tell him back that the braves lost a huge lead in Japanese, so I beat him 11-0 haha. I didn't feel bad at all. But for the matsuri, everywhere we went, people were looking at our tags and all the people were trying to yell at us in English, pretty entertaining haha.

So we have two Chinese investigators now, Ryu Kinton and Tan. Good thing we have someone that speaks English, Japanese, and Chinese fluently haha so they have to come help with our lessons.  It was really fun yesterday, they both understand the reasoning for prayer, so they both prayed in Chinese and even though I understood even less of that than Japanese, I could tell it was sincere and the spirit was strong.  It was amazing.

I finished Alma today, aren't the wars just the coolest thing!

We don't do a lot of door to door and no streeting at all. President Baird has a lot of finding techniques that don't involve those.  We do a thing called 10x, where before or after a visit, we go knock on 10 doors. God will put someone there if we really are supposed to be there for the lesson. We don't have sisters in our area. Yesterday, I realized that conversational Japanese is very hard desho. All I`ve been taught is how to teach which makes it hard to just talk now.  I can put together a lot gospel wise. It's also harder for conversation because it's hard to understand haha. Yesterday was hard, I was missing baseball so much for some reason. thinking back on memories and wanting to play it again.
Elder Parry

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