Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Best Transfer

July 15, 2012
Well, I'm reporting from the blazing hot area of Takabata. I have sadly already dropped off Elder Jessop. I was super sad to say bye, this was an amazing transfer. The last week was way fun. But first off, my new companion is Elder Bardzinski (a red head from Down Under)!!! Remember him from when I was in Fuji? Yes, this is his last transfer too, so we will have fun all over again.

As for this week, we went to get halo halo (Filipino shaved ice) with a member. It was way good and way fun. She is crazy, I love seeing Japanese guys marrying foreigners. It makes them a lot goofier and fun. It was way good though.

Yes, I did watch the end of the All Star game this week. We went to an Indian curry place and they had it playing on the big TV. It was awesome. I didn't see much though, it was already 8 to 0 and all I saw was Joe Mauer get a hit. It still made me happy. Billy Butler struck out lookin' silly, Kansas City is just a disappointment.

Eikaiwa was way fun. We played a game after a short lesson. The game was, "Do You Love Your Neighbor?". It was way fun, everyone got into it. then we had a bunch of people bring food and surprise Elder Jessop. Tt was a lot of fun. I got a way cool Japanese scroll from Komatsu san with my favorite scripture written in kanji. She does calligraphy. It looks beautiful. Then we had a final party for Elder Jessop in DTM too. Our district changed a lot. I'm sad that both of the District Leaders I have to go on exchanges with are a little different.  I guess you can't have everything haha.

We did 'heart attacks' to three families. Where you put a bunch of cut out hearts on their door and surprise them. But the Komatsus came out when we were doing it. We got away without them seeing, but they walked around and we were literally running from one hiding spot to the next. It was way funny. They ended up putting notes and soda into our bike helmets. We will never be able to one up the Komatsus. I love them to death, they came and said bye to Elder Jessop this morning and they were so sad. But they were happy I am still here. I really hope Mio can get baptized this transfer.

We did the last day of Homestay. Nothing too special happened last week. I did find out two of the kids are staying in Bountiful and they are doing a dance in the 24th of July parade! Try to find them! Elder Jessop is going to try and go. But then, we had two huge dinners that night. The Matsuhashi, old missionary couple, made us a huge meal and then Ko and Hoberto took us out for yaki niku and then to an ashiyu!!! It felt so great and it was way fun. We did all these fun poses and tricks.

Church was amazing yesterday. Elder Jessop gave an amazing final talk yesterday, I can really tell he will miss Japan a lot. Then we sang 'I Know That My Redeemer Lives' in English and Japanese and it was beautiful. We had a bunch of less actives come, including Nancy and Karen., which made me way happy. It was a super spiritual meeting. The day ended off great with a sukiyaki party at our ward mission leaders house. This was the best transfer, I loved every second of it.

Elder Parry

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