Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dying Companion

July 8, 2012
Happy Birthday Mom! And happy late Fourth of July! I did have a very good and fun celebration for the fourth. This was a very fun week. And we have a lot going on this week again. It's fun having a companion die, but I really really don't want him to go. He doesn't either. This has been the funnest transfer of my mission. He isn't excited to go home.

Well, we got done with our last exchange, thank goodness. I don't like them anymore. But it was good.  I gave a blessing to one of the Ueda members that needed a good ole pick me up. It went very well. The Spirit was really strong.

But the 4th of July was awesome! We made that cake you sent me and went and ate it with Nancy and Karen, the less actives. We went to a park and ate it. Then we played some baseball catch and played around on the play set. We met a guy who wants to meet us and do a personal eikaiwa so that was cool too. But I loved the fourth. We did eikaiwa after and it was fun. We taught everyone the Boot Scoot and Boogie. It's funny watching Japanese people do line dances. We did it with the district meeting the next day again.

On Friday, we went to Nagoya and had a Zone Leader council. They always make me way tired. They are all in Japanese and it's all day. I feel bad, I know I got side tracked and lost all attention towards the end. It was way fun seeing Ashcroft, B-ski, Ellsworth, Hiruta, and the rest of the Zone Leaders and President Baird. It was a very fun and interesting day. Elder Jessop and I had to do a phone conference for our zone this morning and repeat all that we learned. Neither of us wanted to do it, but it went pretty well.

We had one of THOSE days on Saturday. First, cold shower, I got beat up by a less active kid, I kept getting spaghetti on my shirts, my fender broke off my bike, it rained hard, we have yaki niku with some less actives and didn't have enough money. So we rode around town looking for a place that would accept our cards. At the last place, I decided to put the card in a different way and it worked, which shows our dysfunctionality. Then I got more sauce on my shirt, we wore our rain suits when it got really sunny and hot. But I did get 32 chopsticks for the chopstick catch game. I'm the man, no big deal.

So I had to give a talk yesterday. I was way nervous. I just did a Japanese version of my farewell talk. It went so good! I talked for like 25 minutes. Too long, but it was way good. I felt so comforted and at peace, it was amazing. Then we got a random call from this girl my age in the ward and she invited us to go see fireflies with her family! It was so cool! They were all over the place and so bright. I caught a few and just played around with them. The awesome Brazilian, Hoberto, from the ward came, he is way funny.

So yes, this was an awesome week. This is going to be another fun but very, very busy week. I'm excited for the end, but wish Jessup wasn't leaving, I love Elder Jessop a ton. Love you all too! HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! DJ got his 3000 hit a year ago today haha, time flies.


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