Sunday, July 22, 2012

Takabata Was Hot!

July 22, 2012


How are you? Things are going good here. This week was a lot quieter than the week before. Not too much happened. Something cool I wanna mention. That Spanish guy I found in Fuji got baptized last week. Elder Schade said it went really well. I was super happy to see that everything worked out and he was able to get baptized!

So Takabata was hot. I think Hell might be cool compared to the Nagoya area. It was pretty fun staying there. I got to their apartment and it looked like Fuji's apartment when I got there. So we spent a bit trying to clean it up. Not too much fun, but the clock was really fun. A lot of people were transferring this time around. I saw a lot of unfamiliar faces too, this mission is looking less and less familiar to me. I was like the first one at the clock and the last to leave.

So B-Ski is good. He's a lot different from Elder Jessop. Not bad, just different. I am really enjoying our time so far. Nancy really loves him too. She actually came to our ward party with Karen. It was way awesome. We had a 40th Year Anniversary Party for the Matsumoto Church Building last Saturday. We had a lot of people come to the party, including less-actives. Elder Aoyagi came too. He is in the Area Presidency. It was a really fun time and a good experience.

Sister and President Baird came to church yesterday for Branch conference. Their daughter, Whitney, was also there. She knew a lot of people from my MTC group in Kobe. She is really cool. I love the Bairds. Sister Baird was way happy to meet you guys and kept complimenting you. It was really good. I love them so much. Church was really good though. President Baird and Elder Aoyagi gave great talks on hanging in there and the reunion of being with our families and to put childish things away and be a man. I knew the talks were there for me.

That's the week. I told you it was pretty simple. Not terribly a lot went on. Mio is doing pretty good. She had a great time yesterday at church and loved learning about the Plan of Salvation. We might see what she thinks about baptism this week. Our others are just kind of there right now. Strong, but it's hard to figure out how to teach them. I miss you guys and love you all a ton. Have a great time in Pitt!

Elder Evan

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