Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Jumping Bush

July 29, 2012


Well, we visited a less active this week and I got the rundown about Ichiro (a Japanese baseball player who got traded to the Yankees this week). I was baffled. He told me it was funny because he is batting 8th for the Yankees now haha. That's way cool though. He probably doesn't have much time left. He is gettin old. But hey, I did spend last summer in Kasugai, it was super hot until I left. I know what a hot summer is like. We have been having a lot of thunder and lightning storms here lately and the humidity level has really picked up. It has been around 95 degrees with humidity this past week.

So this week was quite the week. Karen became a model so we celebrated that before Eikaiwa with Nancy. Then Eikaiwa was pretty fun. My group played hang man for most of the time and it was super funny. I was purposely guessing the wrong letters and making all the Japanese people, especially kids, super confused. It was a lot of fun.

We had interviews on Friday! It was awesome. I had a super spiritual and uplifting interview with President Baird. And of course, I got to talk to Elder Ellsworth and Sister Baird a lot. It was so fun. I planned a time for Nancy to get an interview because I thought it would be a good start to get her going back to church. She won't stop thanking us for the interview it went so well! She told President that she knew I would be a big part in helping her and Karen get back to church. President promised her I would be here for a while. I can't say I'm not excited! I love them, and I love this place. Nancy is the bomb, she made us lunch three times this week and brought them to our apartment by surprise every time. So good.

Then, we visited that less active who I told you about who talked baseball with me. It was so funny. Bardzinski got sick and had some problems. When dinner rolled around, they brought out all this big good food, but then some small food for him haha it was kind of harsh, but it was funny. It took like an hour to get there, then when we tried to leave, they told us it only took 25 minutes. So we had to book it back and a bush jumped out from the sidewalk and took me down with it hahaha.  My arm got all cut up and bleeding. Then my shirt was all brown and green. Let's just say it was pretty funny.

So church was quite the headache. People here in Japan like to tell you right before to give a 10 minute talk or an hour lesson during priesthood. Both happened, I didn't get the talk though. Then they were being super pushy and bossy. I have a really small bubble around me, but one of them was really striving hard to burst it. It was kind of a headache. I like being a normal member, people kept asking us for the dumbest favors. I told some of them that they should do it because we couldn't even do it. They didn't care and kept asking. Whatever.

Things are good here. I love you all. I'm glad you had a great time, or having, a great time on the family trip. Send some pictures! LOVE YOU ALL

Elder Parry

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