Sunday, December 2, 2012

Getting Cold in Matsumoto

December 2, 2012

Dang all of you....going to Disneyland without me haha. So I got two things to let you know. First, I sent my package to home last Monday and it should get to you about Tuesday or Wednesday this week. Sorry it took so long to send, things just have gotten crazy and busy with dying missionaries and just being a missionary. And now my other thing, it's actually a really big question. I have been talking to Chiaki lately a lot. She really wants to visit America next year because she loved it so much this year. I told her she should come visit Utah and hang out with me. Would it be ok if she came to Utah for like a week and hung out with us? I wanna take her to a bunch of fun places too. We are seriously talking about it. And yesterday, Karen just got a bunch of money from her modeling stuff and asked if she could come too. I told them if they came over the July 24th week, there would be a lot of fun things to do. Is that cool?

Well, this week had a lot. Weeks get more and more filled but they go faster and faster. I have only six months from tomorrow....dang! Well I did an exchange with Elder Rocha from Ina. The Brazilian. It was pretty fun. We went over to Roberto's house and had a bunch of Brazilian food. Then I had an emergency on the way back and couldn't make it back. So we ran into a store and all they had was a squatty potty....shows my luck! Only in an emergency do they only have squattys. It was tough, but I can honestly say I accomplished it for the second time.

We had a bunch of sporty things this week. We went to the batting cages on Tuesday. Oh man, was that so amazing. I still hurt from it, I took like 100 swings in a row and it felt so good. I bit rusty. but it was great. Then on Wednesday, a less active asked us to play soccer with her. So we played before and after Eikaiwa. It was way fun. But it is getting so cold here. It snowed way hard Saturday morning. But we started our ping pong night! We are doing it every Friday night. We had eight youth come, two less actives and three non members. It went way well. I'm excited to get that going too. I think it will help us find some good, young, fun people.

We had a referral from America to help out their siblings in Matsumoto. The girl in the couple is eight months pregnant and their 3-year-old daughter has such a high fever she might have brain damage. Elder Hiruta talked on the phone with her the night before and prayed with her and explained everything. We went on Saturday and explained a little more, then Elder Hiruta gave one of the sweetest blessings I have ever heard. He simply told the girl she was a daughter of God and she came to this earth to two loving parents. The mother and father were crying after. They were a sweet little family. She wants us to come play with the daughter when she gets better and come to church. It was a really sweet experience.

We had dinner at a member's house on Saturday and it was way fun. It was with most of the same people from ping pong night.

This week was good, this next one is SUPER busy. It should be fun too. Things are going great though. I love the people here I am with right now. Pray that I don't leave please. I don't feel like my work here is done quite yet. I love you all so much. I can Skype on Christmas. When would you like to do that? Let me know.

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