Sunday, March 3, 2013

Life is Good!


March 3, 2013

Oh man I'm so excited to live there! I heard it's a nice area. Kevin is going to Spain?! What the heck haha I don't wanna be with him either haha I'm just kidding, that would be a way awesome experience for him and I bet his Spanish would get way good.

This was a great week. We have had a few incidents among members with drama that is causing some problems. But on the other hand, it seems like the difference between here and Matsumoto's drama is that if you don't wanna get involved (or don't understand Portuguese muahaha) you don't have to get involved. There were multiple days this past week with some big problems. It showed at church yesterday when we only had 35 people show up.

We had some really solid days this week. It all started on Wednesday. We met with a bunch of people including a less active we are working close with. She is getting less and less depressed every time we see her! Then we met (in a very awkward way) with one of our investigators. She is Nishino and she is doing really well. She said sorry for reading past the introduction of the Book of Mormon haha. Then at Eikaiwa, we had this young couple come again. She had mentioned she believes in the Godhead and wants to know more. I talked to her for a while before class and found out she is suffering from Pervasive Developmental Disorder! It was crazy, I told her I had the same thing when I was born. Her face lit up, I felt like we had a really nice connection and it really helped because for the rest of class I was helping her out so she could get answers and feel good about herself.

Thursday, what another great day. We headed down to Nagoya so we could go to a fireside to see Elder Callister and Elder Aoyagi from the Seventy speak. It was in Meito, so that meant there were a ton of people from Kasugai and Kariya! I was SO HAPPY TO SEE EVERYONE! I started crying during the program because I just remembered the old times and how blessed I am to know these people, and that they still remember me! I could actually talk to them this time! It was the last time I will also see Kan Kun before he heads out on his mission this month. It was such a tender moment for me. The talks were also really good and helped out a lot for questions I had!

The next day, we had a mission conference for Elder Callister. He was happy to hear that we are in the same ward as Susie Becker, his sister. It was a way good conference. He taught about the Plan of Salvation all from the Bible, then he taught about being a consecrated missionary. It was way good.

The next two days, we had nine lessons! So crazy and we found a new investigator who is straight from Jamaica and is black! I WAS SO STOKED! Haha finally, a black investigator, who speaks English. My life is in a very good state right now haha. So we were running from place to place these past two days. We had a legitimate Brazilian birthday party yesterday that was crazy. It was way fun.

All I can say is Life is good, God is good. Read Romans 1:8-12 if you can! I love you all and I can't believe I will see you in 3 months! Oh and Dad, was there an Elder Hart the same time as you on your mission?

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