Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hit By a Car

March 24, 2013


Ok, I don't have much time to email today, but I wanted to give you a bit of an update. I'm doing pretty good. This week was nothing like I expected or planned. It was raining that day and the guy in the car completely ran the stop sign and ignored the mirror around the blind spot. I HATE Japanese police, so I just told the man I was ok and tried to walk it off. I rode off completely fine. I found out at the store that both my legs were bleeding and my knee (the same one I had surgery on) was swollen. I was going to ice and bandage myself, but the Brazilians saw it and forced me to the hospital and all this stuff. I have been three times this past week and I will probably go about three more times this week. My knee and shin are doing fine and will heal well if I don't bike too much. The one on my thigh is getting a little worse, but it's fine.  It doesn't hurt to walk anymore. Sister Baird has forced me to not really do much lately. So we didn't have too much going on this past week. Had to take it easy, do stuff around the apartment, or drive around with members.

We did make our way down to Takayama on Friday and it was super fun. After DTM, we went to a member's restaurant and ate lunch and dessert. Then she started dancing for my birthday and it was just super funny haha. Just kind of one of those moments.

Love you all and don't worry about me!

Elder Boob

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