Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jamaican Investigator

March 17, 2013

Well hello there my trunky family,

This, was a very fun week with a lot of those moments haha. First off, I have a few classes I would like to take. I'm really not sure what classes I should take, but some smaller classes may be phycology, weight lifting, swimming, and maybe guitar haha.  I'm not completely sure though, get me in that Japanese class though. Figure out the one all the returned missionaries take.

So this was a very fun week. We had a crazy Brazilian bye-bye party for de Oliveira. Everyone was crying and just having a good time. Then we all went down to Nagoya on Tuesday and picked up our new companions. We missed like three trains, so we got home pretty late. But I did have two meals on my birthday and an Eikaiwa party! We just played games and had some refreshments haha I even got some presents from the students. It was way fun! It also started to rain super hard when we were far from the apartment haha that was fun gettin soaked.

Elder Hernandez is way cool! He is my kohai so he goes home one transfer after me. He is from California and loves to draw and play computer games. We just talk a lot and its way fun.

So we met our Jamaican investigator and had one of the best lessons I have ever had! Her Irish roommate and Brazilian boyfriend became solid investigators too! It was way awesome, they were just asking a ton of good questions and we were answering like normal people. So excited! They have way awesome accents too!

Well, after DTM we figured out that Hernandez forgot his wallet. So we were walking all over trying to find it. After a few hours, we found it at the train station and got back to Takaoka pretty late haha shows our luck. People always lose stuff with me.

So we moved the furniture around in our apartment, that was nice. We had English, Japanese, Portuguese, and Chinese in our gospel principles class, and a solid dinner at a member's house last night. This was a pretty fun week. This next week is gonna be crazy fun and busy too! I am going to Takayama twice!

President Baird said the only time he would cheer for the Yankees is if he goes to a game with a member of the Twelve.  Let's get to work on this, get your boy Jeffrey to go with him. I would be the happiest man ever.

Well, here you go, another one for the records,
Elder Boob

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