Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Extra Letter!


This has been a pretty special weekend so I thought I'd surprise ya with an extra letter!

As I've told you, we had the mission president seminar.  We had a special devotional on Friday.  Elder Bednar spoke to us about being a Preach My Gospel missionary.  It was so awesome.  Elders Bednar, Holland, Ballard, Anderson, Nelson, Scott and Oaks were there.  Me, Ellsworth, and Anderson saw Elder Oaks before with a bloody nose.  He still took time to talk to us.  :-)

Yesterday, Elder Dinkel had an infection in his mouth.  So we got to go to the "real world" and get it fixed.  It took like two hours, then the shuttle forgot about us.  So it was like a four hour trip.  It was nice to leave and benefit from Elder Dinkel's problem.

Two favors:  In the package Friday could you send the Mo Bettah's Teri Sauce?  And do you have like spray stuff that could fix a scratch on glasses  I need some.  If you can't get them IT'S PERFECTLY FINE!

I love you all, I love you Mom,
Your son, and best friend
Elder "S.B." Parry

P.S.  I don't know if I told you about Lotso.  Ashcroft Choro has a little toy monkey.  I stole him and did like 20 different ways to kill him during class.  I did one that made me, Olsen, Parra, Ellsworth and Mortensen Shimai laugh til we cried.  I'll send those pictures soon on the SD.

P.S.S.  Larry Gelwix (Highland Rugby Coach) is a new mission president.  I talked to him yesterday.  So cool, great guy.

Thanks for the cookies.  I gave a few to Elder Lee, it was his birthday.  I have developed a love for hymns.  They are so awesome!  And Ellsworth Choro said I was pretty good at singing!  Sorry this letter is so random and poorly written.

Ai shitte imasu!

And I met my mission president's wife!  She is so awesome and she recognized me!

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