Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17, 2011

June 17, 2011

So I figured out a new way to write emails and not have a time limit. Haha, ok well Elder Sonntag showed me how, so i can make my letters so much better! I´ll probably write stuff for the email once a day so I can give you better and more detailed letters.

First off mom, I found out a reason why people wear their watches on the bottom of their wrists. People in the military wear them like that so that when they crawl on the ground the sun doesn´t reflect off their watches. Haha, I know it´s random but I remember talking about this with you before my mission. I thought it would be hard to give up TV and my phone, but it´s really not bad! I do miss music a lot, but I know I can make it easily no problem. This is such a great feeling! OK, I promise I will send pictures this next p-day. I'll print out a few and mail them to you and I'll send the whole SD card at the end of the month.

Can you do me a couple favors? Troy wants a copy of my farewell talk, so could you send him a copy? And could you send me blank calendar pages for the next few months? I wanna use them to start logging my workouts and keeping track. I know I will do a lot more if I write everything I do down. Could you also look up a Desert Eagle Military backpack? Elder Sonntag showed me his and it is so awesome! You could mail me a picture and I could tell you if it's the one. it's like a shoulder wrap backpack, and it's smaller in size. I feel like a bum cuz I keep asking for things. Ask Jake if he could send me the list of those scriptures about the women in the Bible. And my friend had the COOLEST tie. It was a Goeffrey Beene paisley tie. I'll send a picture of it (hint hint: red). And whenever you can, could you send me a Japanese Hymn book? I think I have one in one of my boxes, but I know that might be difficult to find.

So wanna hear something funny? I guess BYU is having a bad case of like the Noura(?) virus, so the MTC is on like a total lockdown. We can't shake hands, elbow bumps, or any contact. We have to bow like the Japanese do, fitting eh? Haha i just thought that was funny.

I just remembered that I've talked about a few guys and not really explained who they are. All the guys I'll talk about are Senpei (the district that came before us). Elder Sonntag is from all over. His dad is in the military, he has most recently lived in Tokyo and Hawaii. There are the Munro twins. They're from Australia and goin to different missions in Japan. They are little spaz balls and have way sweet 'stralian accents. They got their calls four weeks before they were supposed to report, crazy huh?! Then there's Elder Everett, Sonntag's comp. He is from North Carolina, went to BYU and had to take finals early to report on April 20. He speaks fluent Japanese, NEVER speaks English. He helps out a lot tho. There are the two Shimai in our zone, Sister Stevensen and Sister Watanabe. They're both way fun and awesome! They always play softball with us and they like to just talk with us.

Well, I think I'm losing weight, I feel great! I might've just broke the chair I was sitting in from leaning back too far....

So about my branch presidency. There´s President Bird. There's Brother Wadsworth, who I really like but his voice is so slow and boring he puts you to sleep. There's Brother Mortensen who I kinda like, but he came to my room and said that I need to be obedient, which I dunno why he would say that to me? There's Brother Robinson, who I LOVE, he studied all our faces and names before he met us and he is just always so happy. So all in all my presidency is pretty cool.

So I've gotten a lot of letters from family members, and I wanna apologize that I probably won't write back to everyone, but I wanna say thank you and I love you all! Thanks Grandma, G-Dogg, Matt, Celeste, Andrea, Sean, Sara, and anyone else who has written me! I do wanna personally say I love ya Blake!

That was awesome to hear about you baseball games. Gambatte Kudasai (good luck) big guy!  So funny story, I was in the bathroom yesterday and there was this Elder from my zone who was in my ward at BYU. He had like half a paper towel to dry his hands off and I grabbed like three (cuz I actually wanted my hands to get dry) and he looked at me and called me a tree killer. Elder Anderson was behind me and said "the tree is already dead". Haha that made me so happy. Another funny story was Elder Carmac told Elder Ashcroft he could run for an hour, so during gym they started running, he passed out after 7 minutes. Haha.

Thats really funny to hear about Isaac having to make the baseball diamond a strip club. People are just jealous of the best. That's how it always is, I would know, haha. As a missionary, I have realized I was immature about some feelings I had towards some people. Jake my boy, make me proud, never fail to do a prank! That kid sounds like a cry baby momma´s boy. I´m sooo glad Voltron is having a smile on his face. He loves some pizza. Good boy. Go Mavs haha and go bruins! Thanks for all the stuff! You guys are awesome.

So today is the day for newbies to come in! I saw Elder ¨Double D¨Dubois, Elder Naegle, Elder Hutchings, Elder Brock, and Sister Murray! it was great to see all of them to come in with smiling faces! I like being a ¨more experienced¨ Elder. It´s great being here tho.

So yesterday, we were playing softball and there were these annoying missionaries goin to the Philippines. They were annoying and saying derogatory words. They told Elder Dinkel that if he said one more word they were gonna take him out. So our district left and on my way by, I said, ¨hope you guys are proud by the way you´ve acted. Hope you guys can call yourselves representatives of the Lord.¨ It was bad.

I just watched Lisa Adachi´s video profile on, if you have 4 minutes to spare, I´d watch it. It´s a really awesome video with a great message. This is exactly what we are out here to do, bless the lives of others and put a smile on someone´s face.

Dad, do you know Leo Parra? And you baptized a Kobayashi family right?

I´m really glad to hear that Ty is doin well, send him my love and that he is in my prayers constantly. I know that he might not be in the ideal situation he wants, but I know that he is exactly where he needs to be to serve the Lord, I couldn´t be happier for him. Hey one more favor, could you send me that green and white paisley tie that's mine? Paisley is a hot commodity around here.

Hey Dad, I just wanted to say I love you, and thanks for your great example. Happy Father's Day! I love ya so much, thanks for all the letters and support you have given me. I am truly lucky and blessed. Thanks Craigory! And thanks to my siblings, I love you all too so much. Thanks for the examples you are too me. I love you guys and mom so much. Take care of her, she is the best thing you guys have in your lives.

Over and out,
Elder Parry

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