Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10, 2011


Oh how much I love it in here! It truly is a blessing to be here full time doing the Lord´s work.  Sorry I haven´t replied to any of your other letters and packages.  I just thought it would be easier to email one big reply.  Speaking of them, thanks for all the letters and packages! I'm trying to beat the branch record of 11 in 3 weeks so help out! They make me feel like I´m loved haha.  I love it here, I have realized how hard it´s going to be so it forces me to work harder.  As Spencer W. Kimball said, ¨We lose ourselves, so that we can find ourselves.¨ I love it tho, I can´t say that enough times.  The spirit is just great here.  It´s like a fire hose not only for learning Japanese, but the spirit just blesses me all the time.  Speaking of the language, it's HARD. I feel like I keep falling behind, so Andrus Sensei said he would tutor me as long as I need help.

My district is pretty awesome.  It´s me and Dinkel from Nebraska goin to Nagoya.  Elder Ashcroft from Colorado and Elder Parra-Mauk from Layton goin to Nagoya too.  Elder Ellsworth from Mesa goin to Nagoya and his comp Elder Olson from Layton goin to Sapporo.  Elder Carmack from New Jersey and Elder Anderson from Virginia goin to Tokyo.  Then there's Elder Gubler, our Zone Leader, from St George goin to Tokyo and his comp Elder Evans from Virginia goin to Fukuoka.  Then there are the Munro twins and Elder Sonntag in our zone who I have grown really close to.  It's a lot of fun, but a lot of work.  We have class for 6 hours a day and study time for another 4.  Today in study time, I read about Moses in Egypt.  I got some great insight on it.  Like the people of Egypt having disasters fall upon them, the people of Japan have also had some tragedies.  I know that if I have faith like Moses did, I can change the hearts of not just a few, but many people over in the wonderful land of Nihon!  What a great blessing it is to be here at this particular time and going to this particular place, as my patriarchal blessing says.

No we don't do any kind of classes on Sundays, we just have like 10 hours of personal study, sacrament, and a devotional at night.  Last week was fast Sunday, very spiritual, but I was starving! I couldn't eat til 6! Thanks for the preparation fam haha just playin, it's not too bad. 

I have seen so many people here including Mitch Brandon, Kelon, people from BYU, Ryan Checketts, and a few others.  Ty was unfortunately sent home on medical release.  I pray that he will be able to come serve shortly. 

I love you all so much.  Thanks mom and dad for all the supporting letters, it really is so awesome.  How are things goin? I can write more in an email if you guys reply by a dear elder so I can read them separate from emailing, cuz the half hour includes reading them.  I would LOVE a DJ3K wristband if that is possible. and also, you can send my gloves whenever you want.  I can have them, I just can't use them til the field.  I love you all so much. Make sure to express that to each kid and how much I pray for them each night.  Tell Matt and Grandma thanks for the letters too, they sent stuff with your dear elder so I can't reply.  And how are the finals goin!? I don't get ANY sports updates in here, it's like a humungous bubble to everything else in the world.

ISAAC: Sorry I didn't write a letter to you, but I figure this will get to you sooner anyway.  Thanks for that letter big guy! It's so awesome and exciting to hear about the things you do.  Mom says you're killin it at baseball! That's awesome! Get good so you can go 6-6 in your MTC softball games like me :) I love you man, I miss ya tons, stay on the straight and narrow path and you will be serving a mission before you even know it!

Love you all, gambatta!
Elder Evan "S.B." Parry

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