Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Pictures From the MTC

I was so happy today to get Evan's camera card in the mail today.  He looks amazing and so happy!

Looks like Greek to me! 
 Studying in the hallway or writing letters.
District picture in front of the Provo Temple.
 It takes a lot of books to learn Japanese.
 I think this is the face that says "Japanese is hard"!
P-day in the laundry room.
 This elder was really happy to get homemade cookie dough!
The obligatory map pictures at the MTC.
 Service in the MTC.
Apparently Evan invented endless ways to kill a fellow Elder's toy monkey.  Great entertainment.
Elder Barton and Elder Parry

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  1. I love all of the highly speculative picture explanations. Awesome stuff, I wanna do it next time.