Monday, June 6, 2011

First P-Day


Ohio goisamasu!  First week missionaries can't e-mail.  It's really dumb.  I like letters, but don't like writing.  Haha.  The first week is good!  The first day was hard and overwhelming, but it's getting better.  The days are long but I know after Sunday it gets better.

Japanese is tough, but it's comin along.  I can pray, introduce, and testify in Japanese.  My teachers are awesome!  Bro. Andrus and Sis. Mortensen.  You know Parker Andrus and Sis. Mortensen lived in Jeff Smith's old house when we moved in!  Crazy, but I love having teachers that know me.

Elder Dinkel is kind of a...dinkelberry.  Haha.  He always forgets stuff.  His key, backpack, tag, but he knows a ton of Japanese.  I almost have hirogama down, but hs is learning kanji.  I keep trying to tell him to focus on teaching and speaking, but he insists it will help.  Every companionship in our district has one Elder who studied Japanese before.  Me, Elder Ellsworth, Ashcroft and Gubler are lost.  Haha.  But we will all help each other.  I love our district.  We have so much fun.  We played softball in gym and I hit a home run that probably woul've gone over the Bronco Field fence.  I was named the district Jokester and Alpha Dog!  We dn't have any sisters, but the two sisters in the other district always hang out with us.  They are fun.  It's a different kind of friendship than back home.  Haha.

Thanks for the package!  I freaking loved it.  Everyone was jealous.  I got nine letters yesterday from you guys, G-Dawg, Lindsey, Gayla, Alec, Andrew Parry, the Bishop and Grandpa.  I lovve the support.  Hopefully Elder Dinkel will get some stuff soon.

I've seen Elders Talbot, Barton, Walker, Brandon, Hyer, Groberg, Oberg, Fernelius and a few others around!  It would've been awesome with all the guys in here.

That's so funny what Jake did!  He's the man.  Haha.  I'm way excited for Jake and the others to serve.  If Jake wants to go out in December, I don't blame him.  He will love it out here.  I'm gettin way dizzy from my bad breathing, I just wish it would get better already.  It's way annoying.  It gets hard to hear, but it gets better.  Should I take Allegra every day?

The food here is awful.  But for lunch we had BBQ hamburgers and Papa John Pizza, it was splendid.

We're just hangin out in the laundry room now, writing letters with the sisters.

Love you all!  Can't wait to hear from ya!  Good luck to Jake in summer.  I hope Caroline has a great time in DC (and thank you Hansel for that letter sooo much).  Sam & Isaac love you both and let it hang!

Yours truly,
Elder Parry

PS  Me and Elder Dinkel have our own room!  And could you have Dad send me the concise dictionarys?

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