Friday, June 24, 2011

July 24, 2011, Entering 4th MTC Week!

Ok, well my email today won't be as good because the freakin' MTC blocked us from using the notebook setting so a lot of my detailed info won't be as good, I apologize.  Well, I've been here in the Provo Penitentiary for just over three weeks.  The senpai just got their travel plans to leave for Japan, which makes me really sad.  It makes me want to leave with them.  I like some of them more than my companion and none of them are goin' to Nagoya, which is a real shame.  Hey maybe you guys can just read my journal entries and you can get good detail there.  Since I don't have much time, I apologize to the siblings for not getting back to each one personally but I love you all!

The MTC is great! There are times, like right now, that I think are really ridiculous.  They have the mission presidents seminar, so all the general authorities are here right now giving devotionals.  We have two tonight and I hope that we get someone cool in them.
Dad, I hope everything is goin' great in Colorado.  Sounds like it's a good case for ya tho.  I hope everything goes great. Sacramento (Jimmer)? That's dumb, that makes me angry.  Ha, I have heard that he has been doing a lot better than expected.  I guess that's a good place for him. I know he didn't really wanna stay in Utah.
So I came back to my room after gym and there were two new elders in there.  Haha, it was a surprise. They're in our room until July 4.  So it's not too bad, I've actually really liked it.  It gives me a break and an extra breath from Elder Dinkel.  I have learned to be patient with Elder Dinkel. He is going to school in Utah when we get back (George Wythe, in Cedar City--he thinks it's way better than BYU, but it's not even accredited... haha).   I'm sending my SD card next week hopefully. 

It's pretty awesome here tho.  Japanese is way tough, but once I realize I can't learn this language in 12 weeks and just do the best I can, it makes me feel a lot better.  So, by the way, I was talkin' to Andrus Sensei and he said our initial return home date is around May 20th.  I'd be there til June 18 if I asked for an extension.  But hey, I would love it if you guys came and picked me up.  I think we would have so much fun.  I just need to know you guys would be good "mission presidents" haha.

Hey, I broke the record for most packages in 3 weeks! I got a solid 12 packages. Yhank you to everyone who contributed!  I went on splits yesterday with Elder Kobayashi (Dad, he said his parents were baptized 25 years ago in Nagoya, two years before he was born. They were baptized by a gaijin) and I prayed so I could talk to him.  We spoke back and forth!  It was great, we talked about our families, home lives, and our favorites.  I said one of my favorite singers was Eminem and he said "Eminem, ai shite imasu".  Haha, it was great.  I taught him to say "what you talkin' 'bout Willis", and he always says it now!

Well, I'm, glad to hear the Yankees decided to turn it up when I was gone! That sucks about Jeter and Pujols.  Andrus sensei is goin' to New York next week and he's way bummed about Jeter being injured.  Thanks Sam for all the sports updates!  You're the man, and tear it up in golf and we'll go when I get back.  Isaac, keep tearin' it up at everything, it's so awesome to hear from ya.  Caroline, it is always a pleasure to hear from you. If this email didn't answer some questions you had, I apologize. Jake, I love ya, keep having fun and don't look back.  You're the big guy now.

I love you all soo much. Sorry this email is shorter and sloppier. They took away a great way to email home.  It's so great to hear from you all.  I hope everything is goin' great! Ki ni shinaide kudasai. I'm in the Lord's hands, and I intend on following his example and hopefully invite others to come unto Christ. 

Gambatte kudasai,
Elder Parry
aka shortBOOB

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