Monday, June 13, 2011

Update From Inside the Workings of the MTC

We are lucky to know Evan's language instructor.  Audrus Sensi used to be in our ward.  He's nice enough to let us ask once in awhile how Evan is doing with Japanese.  Today I got a great update: 

"He's doing really well! This past Saturday he went to the TRC which is where missionaries practice things that they have learned about including teaching and language skills. The first 15 minutes were in Japanese and Evan met with, introduced himself, got to know, and explained his purpose as a missionary as well as set up a return appointment with an "investigator" all in Japanese! I wasn't there for that but my team teacher said that everyone did really well! After the 15 minute portion, they went back and taught the investigator lessson 1 on the restoration in English (which I was also told that everyone did great!). We're starting to speed things up a little bit with the language this week in class, but so far so good! I mentioned this before but the district he is in is really amazing! They have a strong desire to work hard, be obedient, and learn the language. My opinion is probably biased, but out of the 6 districts we have in the MTC that are going to Japan, Evans district is by far the best group when it comes to hard work and diligence.

And then in response to my question about whether he was homesick or was he happy?

"Yes he does! He seems very happy! He isn't showing any signs of homesickness. I have 1 on 1 interviews with the missionaries and Evan told me that he is doing great. Everyone in the district loves him and they have already become really good friends."

Good news!

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